Dead Sea Products

We have carefully chosen a specific formula of minerals, vitamins, herbal extracts, and essential oils from well-known international sources. This makes our elemental formula unique from anything currently available on the market today. Our brand name comes from

the elemental symbols of the core elemental ingredients we’ve found to be most effective when it comes to the Dead Sea skin care products.

Dead Sea


Pamper your face with this amazing facial mask rich in Dead Sea mud. This exceptional mud mask with herbal extracts and Vitamin E helps soothe, nourish and moisturize your skin, giving you a silky-smooth feeling. Fragrance-Free!


Wrap your body with our luxurious MIZK Dead Sea Body Mud. This extraordinary body mud helps soothe, condition, and moisturize your skin, giving you a great sensation of freshness and softness. Fragrance-Free!


Discover the benefits of Dead Sea mud with this precious soap. This exceptional bar soap with herbal extracts and Vitamin E provides intensive skin care, gently washes your hands, and deeply cleanses your body, leaving your skin soft, smooth and moisturized. Fragrance Free!


Enjoy a precious moment with our luxury bar soap rich in Dead Sea mineral salts. This unique soap with herbal extracts and Vitamin E pampers your hands and body with gentle care, giving you a smooth soft feeling. Fragrance Free!


Immerse your body in a luxurious bath after dissolving MIZK® Dead Sea Bath Salt into a Jacuzzi or tub of warm water. Float your stress away and start enjoying deep relaxation. Enjoy it with one of our luxurious essential oils for a great aromatic experience! Fragrance Free!

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