We are Linkona, a dynamic business company that is rapidly expanding in the international market.  We specialize in top-quality raw peat and in the production and export of peat substrates. Long-term monitoring and analysis of the needs of growers, alongside cooperation with professionals, has enabled us to create the high-quality PEATMAN line of peat substrates.

To produce our peat substrates, we first take into account the specifics of growing the plants and the local conditions. On your request, we can make bespoke PEATMAN substrates that combine all the substances needed for the careful and balanced growth of plants. The PEATMAN product line is a catalyst for long-term relationships with customers. We offer only what is the best for you, willingly sharing our knowledge and experience. We are open and ready to help because what we value most of all is communication and a sustained relationship with our customers.

Our company is flexible in responding to market changes, so we can offer you competitive prices without compromising on a top-quality product and service.

It is important to us that we become a reliable partner for you, so we guarantee that the PEATMAN substrate products meet the highest standards and offer a flexible and reliable service. We will ensure that orders are delivered to you wherever you are!

We are seeking to become yours valuable partner, colleague and friend because the growth is the strength that brings us together.

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